RE: Write Less Code

I was planning on continuing my blog post on Gossip Protocols tonight however an old friend decided to pay an unexpected visit. Instead, I’m going to express my thoughts on a post I read titled Write Less Code by Mike Grouchy.

Reading his post made me remember my own evolution as a software developer. Some of the traps he describes I still suffer from. Often I run into situations where I find myself hacking away at something I haven’t thought through. What happens? I end up deleting the code and it never sees production. I’ve wasted so much energy in the past falling into this trap I still suffer from it today but slowly learning to avoid it.

I know for sure my boss is a very experienced software developer. He spends an enormous amount of time on research. This seems weird to me because I actually never see him programming, he’s constantly reading or whiteboarding things. When I do see him program or work on something he’s able to crank out elegant solutions to problems because of the amount of research and thinking he’s done beforehand.

I need to remember that code is a by-product. Thinking things out before hacking away seems obvious but I still find myself slipping from time to time. I’ll try keeping this in mind and remember that my real job is to think and write less code.